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URGENT - DVLA/Govt. trying to legislate against moddified cars...

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  • URGENT - DVLA/Govt. trying to legislate against moddified cars...

    PLEASE everybody interested in being able to continue to engine swap, tube frame or significantly visually alter motor vehicles in the UK go to the DVLA web site and go through the nausea of completing thier online submission - also please request a copy of the consultation paper. Doesn't matter if you don't read it - they judge strength of public feeling on the number of them that the send out.

    basically they are trying to screw anyone moddifying a car, and particularly those of us moddifying older cars (not allowing fitting of more modern components without having to re-register on a Q plate, having to go the SVA for your mods every time, etc.)

    BTW kit means kit car built to original kit car spec not fitting a body kit.

    Deadline is 19th July, they're sneaked this *****er on us without any anouncement.


    EDIT: please copy the link and post it on any other suitable web sites. The consultation list they have for this excercise includes such bodies as "The Christian Road Safety League" and RoSPA and the Vehicle Scrap Dismantlers Association, and not anyone to do with modifying cars or the moddified vehicle industry - need as much support for this as possible

    A million people can't be wrong, right?

    Well... unless they're all from the red states...

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    soon it will be illegal to work on your own car
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan


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      How do I get to the online submission?


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        that sux, but must be radically modified. Depends on what you are doing to your car, and it seems like there is a point scheme for things such as engine, bodywork etc
        if you have too many points then it becomes a q plate.
        But if it gets put onto a q plate, then insurers such as adrian flux will probably insure you at the same rate as you are insured now. I dont think a q plate would change much, cos then the insurers would just know about the mods, ie you couldnt get away with "not telling them"


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          not liking the sound of this!

          are you from northern ireland leo, if so where abouts?


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            Soon? The provisions already exist to prevent you from working on your own car... it's called the DMCA - Digitial Millenium Copyright Act. In there basically it makes it illegal to reverse engineer things or modify them - various companies including Lexmark have used it to stifle competition - for instance the DMCA made it illegal for companies to manufacture compatible ink cartridges for Lexmark printers, because according to them they had electronic security devices on the cartridges which had to be circumvented to remain usable on the printer and thus the carts are illegal. Read this link (,1412,57907,00.html) for more details regarding the Lexmark case and how it sets the precedent to apply to cars.

            Of course, this is in the U.S. But Europe is basically working on its own version of the DMCA, which seems to be even more draconian.


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              that $@#!*$(*! DMCA is a thorn in my side. People are stating to realize how this draconian load of crap is really hurting the consumer. Wait till SEMA gets a hold of them.
              Chris Krug
              owner, turbine minivan


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                Sorry to put this in your thread, I know that it is for a UK law, but I had to spout off when I read SoFlaLude's comment (and am in agreement). The DMCA is the most evil piece of lesislation to make it through Congress. It will and has already had unforseen consequences for consumers and businesses. If anything it is pro-monopoly and pro-BIG business, and pro-sue-your-***-off for even thinking about improving on something that already exists.

                Only thing to do is join the EFF ( and write your Congressman, err... or MP
                "Protecting Privacy and Free Speech Online"