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laptop lcd screen on vga

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  • laptop lcd screen on vga

    I am thinking of buying some serplus lcd panels, spesifically :
    Toshiba LTM12C270 12.1" TFT Color
    Toshiba LTM12C283 12.1"
    Mitsubishi AA121SB11 12.1"
    Sharp LQ11S353 11"
    Compaq 44095 <-?? 10"
    digital ct475 color 9.5"

    and I am interested in hooking them up to a pc for use in a car. I realize that I will have to get a digital video card, and I am probably going to buy an ATI Rage pro LCD (it is about $75 all over the net which is suprising seeing that there are companies selling video cards whith a cheap trident or pc-chips generic chipset and a digital connector for like $250+ when you can get a high end ATI with 8mb ram and digital lcd connector for $75 am I missing something here?) well, anyway does anyone know how to connect any of these screens or if it is even possible? or, just as important how to power the screen

    btw, you can get a digital ct475 color lcd for $39 at or here is a direct link

    PLEASE someone help me

    [email protected]

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    Hi-tech cafe is a sweet page, where can I get a ATI rage LCD card for $75. If you found a LCD card for that cheap , Id say do it .