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  • Will this decode mp3s

    Will this decode mp3s? I realize if it will run mp3s under dos or linux, it would be the PERFECT CAR PLAYER. Is for my brother, he wants a home player.



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    Yes it will in dos... BTW, for everyone else. Check this stuff out!!!


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      Wow, if it can run Linux (I don't see why not) and you can replace the HD with a different laptop HD (I don't see why not) then this would make a killer mp3 player. In DOS it would work fine. For Linux getting a graphical display might be difficult since the video card is unknown. In DOS hopefully it's VESA compatible.

      We still don't know the power requirements of it though. I'll fire off an e-mail and see what I can find out.


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        Looks like it is 110/220... it's basically a panel pc but sealed and able to take more abuse for medical usage (would help in transporting in vehicle as well)

        They also have on that site some pentium 166 models in a similar package.


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          Does it have slots to add a lan card? Does it have a parallel port? Also, does it have a 1.44 or CD drive?

          Anyone know more about it


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            Wow.. this is the best deal I've ever seen on a panel system I've ever seen. I'm sure it has a parallel port, and the page says it has one ISA slot (half size, though, so you'll have to find a network card that's less than 7" long). I'm not sure, but I don't think it has a floppy drive and I'm quite sure it doesn't have a CD-ROM. You could easily add a portable backpack-type drive, though. I think I may just order one of these things. Can any of you tell me if it has a touch screen?


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              Oops.. "..this is the best deal I've ever seen on a panel system I've ever seen.." ..I gotta put away the pipe..


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                For anyone that is curious, I just got one of these Planar PCs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out what a full featured pc this is.
                TI 486DX4-100 (no heatsink, fan blowing out back of unit.
                1 half-length ISA slot
                1 PCMCIA III slot
                2 Serial ports
                1 parallel port
                video port (standard monitor connector)
                ps/2 keyboard port
                speaker, audio in, mic.
                "external floppy and cd ports"

                The last two I have some questions about. The external floppy (who cares?) is a 25 pin male connector (male parallel size). The IDE port is one I have never seen before. It is a 44 pin (3 rows) female connector. The internal HD is a 44pin notebook IDE that sprouts from the same riser, so it is obvious that this is also just a 44pin IDE connector. Is anyone familiar w/ this type of controller? I would love to be able to keep the original 2.5" HD inside for boot up and connect my external HD caddy to the system.

                Anyway, the PC is very nice and high quality. The case is very sturdy and well put together. Since it was built for hospital use, it supposedly should withstand something like five quarts of liquid being splashed on it (blood?). It is about 14.25"x9.25"x2.5" deep with brightness, contrast, and volume controls for the 8.5" wide lcd and built-in speakers (definately NOT cambridge soundworks).

                When I get a chance to set up some software, I will find out if the sound card (ESS) is any good or if I need to pick up an ISA one for it.


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                  Oops, forgot about the power stuff. It comes w/ an external switching power supply that takes 100-120VAC and outputs +12VDC 5A,-12VDC 1A. The power supply connects to the pc with a four pin ps/2 looking connector. I have heard that some laptops (IBM?) use 4-pin power connectors but I will have to find one to see if it is the same. If it is, I can probably find an auto adapter that I can use.


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                    If this 486 is too slow you can get parallel port external mp3 hardware decoders, I forget the url, but that would make one hell of a combo =)


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                      Are you saying it has 2 IDE ports? 44 pin is simply the 40 standard IDE plus 4 pins for power. I have adapters for putting laptop hard drives in a standard computer, but I've never seen anything the other way around. Does it have a hole to put a laptop CDROM in?? I have one of those..


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                        Well, there is a small ribbon that comes from the mobo to a small card which in turn has an internal connector for the laptop drive and an external 44 pin. I have an adapter to connect a laptop drive to a 40 pin ide. Actually, it will work with this setup if I use it on the internal connector. There is a small (1" long) 44 pin ribbon cable that plugs into the ide riser and then into the 2.5" drive. I can plug the adapter into the internal connector and plug a 40 pin ribbon into the adapter and run it out of the case to hook up my HD caddy.

                        I am also looking at getting an ISA mp3 card, which would allow me to use the crappy 486 cpu to play graphics, etc. BTW, the p-133 model Hi-Tech is selling is a touch screen (look for models ending in 't'). I decided to get the cheapo model, but if someone does go for the touch screen and gets it working in dos/linux, I would definately reconsider for a measly $350!

                        p.s. If anyone is considering mounting this in view in their auto, be careful. It is no laptop - the thing weighs a good 8-10 lbs. Someone (not me) may want to tackle pulling the lcd out and mounting it separately. I may just yank it out to save space and heat and run a small vfd out of parallel/serial. Seems like a real waste, though.


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                          It should play MP3s just fine, but in case you're wondering, the parallel port MP3 decoder is called LP3 and can be found at .


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                            From the website of the lp3, there may be two problems. First, it says that the parallel port cannot be used while it is playing. Does this go for parallel lcds too?
                            Also, it requires external power. It may be a real pain to rig up power from the computer to this thing. Otherwise, it would be perfect.

                            Speaking of decoders Jupiter, how did that ISA decoder card work out? I may get one for this system to take the overhead off the processor.

                            Anyway, I tested the system last night and the sound is definately NOT 16bit! I will pull the vivo90 out of my system and test it to see if it works at high bitrates.


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                              The Planar site says these discontinued units ARE NOT Y2K COMPLIANT. I guess that's why they are unloading them so cheap.