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homebuilt XM receiver

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  • homebuilt XM receiver

    Slightly OT, but I thought everyone would get a kick out of it anyways...

    A guy on the forums built his own XM satellite radio receiver. He used the XM receiver from a XMPCR. He just added his own control front end hardware to it.

    Lots of pictures.

    P.S. For the uninformed, the 2nd gen XM receiver chipset is completely contained within a small metal can. Al 2nd gen receivers use the same receiver module. The only thing you have to do to get it to work is provide +5v power and a antenna connection. The module uses a very simple serial control protocol which is well documented thanks to the XMPCR. It outputs audio in a plan PCM digital stream at 24-bit 44khz. The XMPCR PC controlled receiver is nothing but a XM receiver can with a Serial to USB converter attached!

    Anyone with a little bit of microcontroller experience could build their own XM receiver.

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    thats kick ***!!
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      Wow, that is certainly some cool stuff, but I am lost for the intent of it.... It looks like he took something the size of a CD case (the XMPCR) that costs $50 and turned it into something the size of a small Volkswagon and costs $2000.....

      But again the effort and design is very impressive