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LYRA A/V JukeBox or Computer???

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  • LYRA A/V JukeBox or Computer???

    Sizing everything up.

    7.2 flip down monitor tuner with 2 video inputs,TV and reverse wire hookup.

    Kenwood 8017 mp3 cd radio and changer wire aux.

    3 bloupunk amp for a total of 500 to 700watts.

    2 infinity 6/9 spea.

    2 polk tweeters

    2 4 inch plye coaxias

    2 51/4 mb quats

    On the sub I have 2 banbass boxes and 2 amplify ported boxes havein't
    decided wich ones to use.

    And of course the lyra.

    But today a computer store by my job is going out of buiness and I got
    a chance to get a great buy shutle sn61g with a 2.4 P4 , 40gig laptop
    hard drive ,a external dvd drive and card reader for 350.00

    For the compuetr I have EL mini keyboard , nimi trackball.Got a spare 30gig
    laptop drive and external 40gig.

    What to do know?

    The car 97 galant.,00.html

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    Go for the computer... get GPS and FM too... far better deal.


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      True,but with the Lyra it would b truly portable.
      easy in and out.
      still thinking...
      ok,maybe I'll do the lyra first just to see and get the hang of it all.


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        i used to have my WRX set up so i could plug my Archos 20gb in via a plug in the glovebox and i have since installed a full car PC setup and i have to say i feel much cooler now. Having all you music with you in a hard drive baced player is cool but the in dash touch screen is much easier to use and then you get GPS navigation on top of it. Not to mention DVD playback, internet access via your cell, interface with your cars OBD II and a whole host of stuff you'll be playing with for years