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    Just got back from fireworks which was the first road test of my player. I was very statisfied overall. I had a little noise problem that a couple ground wires took care of. Only problem now is that after the system runs for about 30 minutes I am getting very load engine noise. I put a noise filter on the supply line and thought that took care of it but after driving for a while the noise comes back??? Any clues? Once that is fixed on to version 2 which includes reducing the size of the unit and possibly an LCD display.

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    Just out of curiosity, you might want to check the ground cables ... I had a similar problem (disappearing/reappearing of noise) and was actually where I had connected the wire I used to ground the case - it was not making firm contact (due to vibration) with heavy metal all of the time.

    This might not help at all, I just know I had a somewhat similar problem that I fixed this way.