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    I need to get some opinions on this to see how/if it would work before i got ahead and try it.

    What I was thinking of doing is mounting two lilliput lcd TVs (with tuner and antenna) in the headrests of my car. I wanted to allow the passengers to watch tv independently (so that they both didnt have to have the same channel)...and this woud also allow them to watch different things on the tv through the video inputs. My problem is, what model tv/lcd should I use? The lilli's seem like the best best as of right now, but they have the antenna already attached to the top...would it be possible to remove the antenna from them and route them both to and exterior antenna?

    Also, anyone see any mounting cocerns?


    edit : something like this:

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    First of all those things usually have very poor reception unless you are in an area where there is very good reception on television without the cable box or satellite dish. That is the reason why car tv tuners usually have diversity antennas.
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      So are you saying that i should look into a separate tv tuner, and have the same channel on both tvs all the time? And then go with an antenna like this one?

      I dont think that would be a huge deal, because i am still trying to decide if i want to go with two headrest monitors, or one flip down...