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Dos and LCD using a cd-rom

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  • Dos and LCD using a cd-rom

    My mp3 player is a old computer laying around my house.
    166 amd k6 overclocked to 200
    tyan tx motherboard
    24 megs of 70ns ram
    12x cdrom
    1.44 floppy
    540mb hard drive (corrupt)
    128mb ez-drive (like a zip)
    baby AT case with 230 watt P.S.
    Media Vision 16bit Jazz

    I have the hard drive and ez-drive disabled in the bios. I have it so it automatically boots dos, and loads all cd-rom and sound card drivers and goes into MPXPLAY. I would like to add a lcd, but most of the software out allows for it to use a hard drive though my cd-rom drive is c:\, it looks at the floppy it boots off of instead of c:. Also I want a cheap lcd, and want to stay with dos, so I dont need a hard drive. So far though it kicks *** without a lcd. Its at 20% normally cpu usage.

    [email protected]

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    try this....
    dos and lcd... he wrote his own drivers and they work. slightly different to winamp lcd as he uses pin 17 and not 16 on lpt1 for control of lcd...if cd comes up as c:\ then if you follow the instructions it should work.uses a keypad as well to change dirs. even displayes them on lcd. uses same player as you... hope it helps!!!!
    Volvo V40 Phase 2 2002. T4 turbo upgrade.... currently no mp3 or carputer..... researching options


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      Even better, give my software a try. It does lots more than the AMP does, plus it supports multiple LCD wirings now. I've added a CD Audio menu, and you should be able to swap MP3 CDs in and out and play them with ease.
      Give it a try



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        Hey coldblood, I wonder if it it possible to port your frontend to work with this decoder board in addition to mpxplay:

        The reason is with this board and a cheap 386 or 486 sbc, you could have a VERY small footprint... even portable!

        Would you be intrested in looking into it?


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          Depending on what the command line options for "micplay" are, it might already support it. It should at least play single files. If you have the documentation for the DOS player, email me, and I'll try to add support for it.



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            I am waiting to get one of these boards. As soon as I have all the stuff I will get it to you to look at!