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    I was wondering if there would be any kind of SIGNIFICANT audio quality difference between a SB 16 and a SB LIVE. Not much talk has been given between soundcards. I want to know if it is worth all of the extra money for a nice soundcard. It doesn't have to be an SB. LMK

    - JustAGuy

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    There is a lot of difference!
    The SB Live! sounds much better and puts much less stress on the system.

    However, four channel sound is great for TeamFortress but not much use in an MP3 player so I've gone for an SB 128. It sounds as good a Live!, but with only 2 channels its half the price!


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      Which of the new SB cards are half size?
      I am thinking of the SB 128 but I need
      a short card.


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        The SB128PCI is less than 1/2 length and about 2/3 the height of a full card.

        Superb card and OEM is dirt cheap...


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          besides all the tricky 3D enhanced sound and fake surround and all that kind of crap....what makes any of the osundcards better than the good old sb16?

          i mean as long as it does 16bit 44.1khz is there really any difference?


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            128PCI and Live! wont have DOS drivers, so you better think carefully what platform you are going for before buying anything.



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              Can't you just add the SET BLASTER=
              tag to your autoexec? You don't really need
              a specific driver for the card, do you?


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       is selling older (1996 or so) AWE 64 golds for $41..
                they are new.. i bought one and it works great