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Nice small case - any suggestions?

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  • Nice small case - any suggestions?

    Hey all, bought this off of ebay. Price and shipping were great. Now I'm trying to find where I can get the stats or some pix of the inside. The size says it fits a 10x10 mobo, but I might be able to sqeeze a full atx or my microatx board in there.

    Has anyone any stats or thoughts on this unit? does it take a full sized cdrom or a lapper cdrom? Thanx!
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    This case may work for you, but im not sure how the motherboard stand offs are situated. If you search the forums you can find some like of people using aluminum boxes as cases. You might just end up causing yourself uneeded trouble with that case. Flex-atx usually stands for mini-atx, not mini-itx, you might have some size problems.

    But if you really really want to do it, you can fit pretty much much anything into anything else if you really want to.


    sorry, didnt see that you already bought it, post some pics of the inards and im sure that someone here can tell you what you're looking at.