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need help on -5v power

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  • need help on -5v power

    hi all
    I which of the black wire in power connector is -5v and -12v ?
    i know that red is 5v and yellow is 12v. as far as i check my power supply all of the black wires are all the same node which is ground.
    i have timeline 4x20 lcd and someone mention that there is a -5v require for this kinda of LCD so i look for -5v and don't know how to get it from power supply
    please help
    thank you in advance


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    -5 prolly should be ground as well
    try that it shouldnt blow it up if its incorect

    cheeers pcman

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      Um, unless I'm terribly mistaken a $16 voltmeter should do the trick nicely, get one from a hardware store. It will come in handy more than you think.


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        None of the black wires are -5V. Simply put, the connectors used for hard drives, cdroms, etc only have +5V and +12V. Both black wires are zero volts or ground.

        Only the mother board connector gets -5V.


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          thank you for your info. i solve my -5v and -12v problem
          thanks again


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            use either black wire from the power supply, trust me, i used it for my 40x4 lcd display and it works fine, dont worry, nothing wil happen to your display.

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              Extended temperature and some supertwist displays REQUIRE a negative voltage on the LCD contrast pin.

              Some displays, just grounding the contrast pin will work. With the above displays however, if you only ground the pin, you will see NOTHING! It has to be biased with a negative voltage and apparently this is the type of display the poster has.