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  • Savage Switch Botton Group Buy via UK's

    I want to see if any of you are intersted in a group buy of this switch. I know that the Bulgin Illuminated switch is quite popular but it is only an momentary switch and I think many of us are looking for something silmilir offered as a toggle switch. I found the above switch via one of the older threads and contacted the customer service at Icon Styling and they said that they are willing to arrange for a group buy (Cheaper) Another reason for the group buy is that the switch (Savage) is made in UK and there is no US distributor. Anyway, here is the website link...

    Here is the switch selection and its switch type.
    1.Start Momentary
    2.Nos Latching
    3.Front Fog Latching
    4.Rear Fog Latching
    5.Hazard (RED) Latching
    6.Lights Latching
    7.Side Lights Latching
    8.Heated Rear Window Momentary
    9.Wipers Latching
    10.Washers Momentary
    11.Air Conditioning Latching
    12.Main Bean Latching
    13.Alarm Latching
    14.Boot Release Momentary
    15.Neon Latching
    16.Horn Momentary
    17.Boost Latching
    18.Blank Latching / Monentary

    Some new switches on the way in (next few days)

    19.Fan - Latching / Momentary
    20.CO2 - Latching
    21.Flamer - Momentary (I think)

    And here is the price break. (Cut and Paste directly from Customer Service's email)
    That sounds great, 
    1-5 switches will be 15.99 each. 
    5-10 will be 14.99 each, shipping total approx: 33.00
    10-20 will be 13.99 each, shipping total approx: 40.00
    30+ will be 12.99 each, shipping total approx: 50.00
    Please note that you may have to pay any taxes due upon receiving the
    goods, of which I am not sure what they will be - in the u.k we have to
    pay VAT on goods at 17.5%
    Please let me know if this is o.k,
    Many thanks
    	 Customer Services Dept
    [email protected]
    Tel: 01959 525410 
    Fax : 01959 525780
    Please reply only to this thread only if you are interested or question about group buy. Right now I'm just trying to see how many people will be interested. I believe shipping is approximated by shipping it to ONE US address (me) and then I can send out the switch individually (so add $USD 4.00 for USPS Priority Mail)

    Anyway, i'm interested to see how many people are indeed interested. (If you wanna switch the power of an Opus PSU, you would need a LATCH switch instead of a Momentary switch, just FYI)

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    Remember, if you actually START a group buy, you need to ask Zip-Lock first.
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      Originally posted by frodobaggins
      Remember, if you actually START a group buy, you need to ask Zip-Lock first.
      whoops, sorry, i guess i didn't know the protocol...let me PM him quick


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        i would order one.
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