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Whats the best way to run wire from the Head Unit to the Trunk???

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  • Whats the best way to run wire from the Head Unit to the Trunk???

    Hey Everyone,

    Whats the best way to run wire from the Head Unit to the Trunk??? I'm really stumped on this one. I need to get A/V wires and +/-12V wires between my trunk and Head Unit but I dont know how to do it!

    Thanks for your help,


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    1.) why are you running power from the head unit and what are you trying to power.

    you run a positive (+) (remember to put an inline fuse, or suffer the consequences) wire from the battery and run the negative (-) wire to the closest piece of bare metal near the device you are powering.
    you should run the a/v wires on the --->Opposite<--- side of the car, if you run the power cable on the left then run the a/v on the right and vice versa


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      the best way is to run it all under the carpet with it taped down. also, one of the best things to do is run power on one side of the car and audio/data on the other side so that the cables dont cause crosstalk or problems. when you run from the battery to the power inveter or DC-DC power supply you can just connect it straight to the battery. then the pc gets plugged into the power inverter.
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        I'm running A/V cables to my HU because I have a 6.4" LCD In-dash player. I meant to say, I just need to get a 12 volt supply to my trunk to hook up an inverter.


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          For the power, get some nice 6-8gauge wire from Home Depot, and attach it straight to the battery. the negative side aswell, you get much better quality if you do that. Run it through your firewall, under the carpet, and around the back seats. As for sound cable, use Coax, with a coax -> RCA adapter, it a very very nice quality cable to use.
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            If you run + and - lines straight from the battery it still makes sense to ground it to the vehicle in the trunk (or wherever). That'll give you the best grounding possible.
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