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CarPC for my new 106 Rallye

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  • CarPC for my new 106 Rallye

    Hey everybody!

    I'm Lior, 21.5, from Israel.
    I just bought a blue Peugeot 106 Rallye 1997, and my new project is to add a CarPC to the car (although it is a small, sporty car).
    You can see the car pictures at

    CarPCs are VERY rare in Israel, so I came here to get some advices from you guys! By the way, I like the site very much!

    Well, let's get started.
    I want my CarPC to be used for MP3s, FM Radio and GPS, and I want to connect it to my home-computer using WiFi, and use Touch Sensitive LCD to control the PC.

    To complete this, I will install a 2-part component set on the front (tweeter and midrange unit), and probably one subwoofer on the trunk. 12" or so.
    Don't forget I have a very small car

    1. Check out this picture of my 106 dashboard:

    I'm not quite sure where to install the LCD, but I think the [green bar] is the right position. This mean I will have to ask a professional to extend my dashboard up to the [yellow lines], and then override the head-unit with the LCD. What do you say?

    2. Besides, I have a pretty big area in front of the gearbox, it has an ashtray which I do not need (as I don't smoke). I was thinking of putting a CD-ROM in there, or maybe the volume control, or other things. Again, what do you say?

    3. As you can see to the right, my glove compartment is kinda small! I think I'd rather use it for putting some documents, as I can hardly fit any computer in there.

    4. I've got a black Chieftec Dragon DX-01BLD computer case at home, with mainboard, P4 2.2 and 512MB DDR.
    I was thinking of using it as my CarPC, as I'm about to replace it anyway.
    It IS kinda nice as it has a window, and I can put a strong blue fluorescent inside (I have Rheobus for controlling voltage as well).
    The problem is that this case is kinda big. This is my case"

    Here are the measurements for the relevent components in my car (sorry guys, these are measured in cm!)
    - Trunk (W:109, H:42, D:63)
    - Computer Case (W:47, H:20, D:52)
    - Ashtray Area (W:20, H:20, D:15 in the deepest area)
    - Headunit (W:20.7, H: 19.5 with dashboard extension, D: small)

    So, if I mount the case to the trunk, this leave 64cm on the left/right of the case for putting a subwoofer (probably some 12" one).
    Is this enough? would electromagnetical radiation affect my computer? (Don't forget that my case isn't entirely metallic, it has a window). or maybe the air pressure will kill my PC?
    I would like to hear you opinions.
    If I have no choice I will have to buy some smaller case...


    Well, these are my main concerns right now. Later I will deal with the controls, the electronics, etc.
    ANY answer, comment, advice would be appreciated!

    Lior "Fireball", Israel
    Lior "Fireball"

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    שלום אח שלי!
    גם אני מישראל ומתכנן מחשב לאוטו. יש לך אחלה פז'ו!
    תבדוק את הנושא שלי בפורום newbie. מחשב "לעניים".
    אני אשמח לעזור לך בהמשך...

    that was just a friendly talk in hebrew...
    please help that dude with his wonderful car.


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      Peugeot 106 Hell/Heaven

      Hi Fireball,

      Nice to see someone else also try and out a car pc in there 106, a far meaner challenge than those with Large American SUVs or Jeeps as we call them in Ireland, Humvie (ITs not a SUV its a Jeep on Steroids) or a BMW, a man with a BMW is a man with a lot of money to spare....

      With respect to your CarPc what screen are you thinking of going with, also what audio setup do you have in your 106, with respect to your desktop its far to big, esp a Chieftec Dragon Case,

      I mounted my (a LinITX7"Here<AHREF> 18e9cd443bfc29dedea0f71a0ea</AHREF>) by screwing the included mount into the astray drawer, this allowed me to angle the screen towards myself while keeping the centre console clear, also good for security.

      I have a small usb hub located behind the centre console with both the usb to the Hub and AV cable for the screen returning to the boot of the car via the driver side under the carpet (NB: The Peugeot Wiring Loom is located under the Passanger side and will SPEW EMI into your Video Feed).

      Here i have a distrubution box for power, off which i run an my PC. The pc i choose after about two months of searching is an IBM, i choose it for a number of reasons:

      1: Small Form Factor
      2: Speed - 1GHZ
      3: Price - CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP
      4: Power - A 95Watt max power consumption.

      I was able to power the pc using an OPUS 120Watt, further i didnt have to hack anything, the motherboard is flex atx format so its simple plug and play.

      The dimensions of the desktop are Width 300mm x Height 92mm x Depth 320mm, making it perfect for the Peugeot 106 Boot, i purchased my IBM Netvista from ebay for 100euro and then shipping, the specs i am running happily are 1GHZ PIII (20watt) 512ram and a DVD and 160GB HDD. Most of the extra parts i had lying about so for about 150euro excluding the Opus i had a carpc more powerfull than the EPIA Systems at a quather of the cost.

      Any Questions just thow in a reply im happy to help, also have an extensive Audiobahn Audio setup so i can advise there to.

      Neil (EIRE32)
      P4 Celeron 2.2 - 512MB - OPUS 250 - Audigy SE - BU353 - HQCT - No Speakers though :-(


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        I recently found this thread by mistake...
        This was my first post! written almost 2 years ago.

        Now I have a beautiful CarPC project, I would like to thank the members of this forum for all your help!

        Installing a CarPC on a small Puegeot 106 wasn't easy, especially here in Israel, but it was sure one hell of a challenge! The project now includes a custom fiberglass build with a 7" touch screen, a custom trunk build with a Mini-ATX PC, inverter and power controller, custom ashtray build with buttons, console Powermate mounting, etc.

        The project is FULLY documented by images and some text, in

        Lior "Fireball"


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          אני רוצה לומר לך שיש לך הרבה חומר לקריאה וגם אנשים שעשו את זה ברכב ואני אחד מהם.
          האתר הזה הוא מצויין אך הוא בהרבה דברים מתאים רק לארצות הברית כי הם לצערי יותר מתקדמים מאיתנו לדוגמא הרדיו הלוויני ששם זה מאוד פופולרי אצלנו זה עוד בחיתולים. בארץ הנושא הזה מאוד פופולרי ברכבי שטח ואני נראה לי היחיד שם בפורום שמציג פרוייקט שהוא לרכב רגיל.
          אני מצרף למכתב את הלינק שלי בפורום ניווט ובו אתה תמצא את כל התאור של הפרוייקט שלי ברכב.
          בנוסף אתה יכול לראות עוד דברים שאנשים עשו אך זה יותר לרכבי שטח.

          במידה ואתה רוצה לשאול לשאלות אתה מוזמן לשאול שאלות באותו הלינק או כאן.
          אני מרגיש נורא שאני מתכתב כאן בעברית אבל זה פשוט יותר מהר בשפת אם.
          אני יכול לעזור לך בהחלט.

          יוסי סיבי.


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            Hi Guys,
            I just want to apologias that I wrote to Lior in Hebrew I live in Israel and we have here guys that are building CarPCs on there 4x4 and cars. You can show off my project on the following link:

            This website is Israel 4x4 navigation forum and you can understand only the photos.
            Sorry, maybe in the future I will add it on mp3car.


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              grrrrr series 2 106 Rallye.....i want your camshaft and exhaust manifold!!!! (i got the same engine block but about 18 less bhp due to the above parts)