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  • The WAIT Is Over

    Gentlemen, I can't speak for all of you but I think this is what most of us involved in this hobby have been waiting for:

    It is perfect. It has onboard 5.1 processing (no expensive Exterior DSP) and a direct connection for SPDIF!! The price is a little high for me right now but all things considered, I think its pretty *****in'
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    That's a great idea - I love the GUI idea. Not enough power though....50watt RMS x 4 is a little too low for me. Nonetheless, great idea.


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      That is pretty sweet, although I dont really see the point in having an OSD for an amp, other than the cool factor...which it is. Might have to try and find something like that when I decide that the speakers that I have now need replaced.



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        Used to be great amps. Almost indestructible. When I was still doing car stereos in the early 90's Phoenix Gold sent us a 2 channel amp with no spec sheet, we had no idea what it was stable at. So we called them, the tech says how many pairs of speakers do you have in your display? Our reply was 15. He said hook 'em all up, if you burn up that amp send it back so we can find out what went wrong and we'll send you another. Those guys know how to build amplifiers.


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          well the head designer of phoenix gold, which was responsible for the building of what many expert will say as the best amps on the market, is not anymore with phoenix gold.

          He started a new company called CONCEPT and ther amps are KILLER



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            Their old amps were awesome. Give me a m44 or m25 anyday. I must admit since they changed the case designs from the 'm' models, they haven't been anywhere near as good
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              I actually almost bought that but it doesn't have enough power to go to my subs. I have two Octane-R amps set up with 2 12" Octane-R subs, it sounds good. I'll have pics up of my full install in a few days.
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