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  • DC-DC

    Anybody know of any DC-DC power Supplies that I could buy. The only I could find was from <A HREF=""><Mp3 On Demand</A>. Which costs roughly 160$, hich is way TOO much for a power supply

    ZyKlon X

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    The most-cited one can be found at <a href=""></a>. It's $25 for a kit or $35 for a preassembled one. Apparently it works alright, but I haven't tried it myself.


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      Yeah I heard about that one, but it dosnt support any processor 166+

      and I can only use one power source One HD or one CD

      and His method of ordering is scary


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        I ordered a PS from Scott and had a very good experience. He even customized it slightly to my needs. It's a little slower than some other ways, but he does a good job.


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          Thanks for your reply, I wanted to hear from someone that has used his DC-DC switch. Just a couple of things

          Are you using a Vga Card, becuase I am going to get one from AllTech with a LCD

          What spped is your processor


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            It looks as if he bumped the price up to $45 including shipping...

            I don't think all video cards need -12v to work. You might need to check it on your specific board/card combo. My motherboard doesn't need it. I'm only running off +5 and +12. But mine is one of those embedded single board computers from Advantech. I know it was designed to only run off of +5v, but I don't know if there is anything special about the on board video chip that allows it to work without -12v. You might disconnect the -12v and -5v pins from your power connector to your motherboard and see if your video still works. I believe they are the white and blue wires (AT p/s).

            If it turns out you do need the -12v, or need something that can power more than a 166 Mhz processor, I would recommend the ACE-865v. I have one and it works great with my Pentium 233MMX!

            <A HREF=""></A>

            I think I heard someone say these were going for about $80 now. I bought mine for $95. =(

            Good luck!


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              I sent him an E-mail, he replyed within a minute. It may seem weird but It was a FAST reply. He said that only the kit version needs a seperate battery for the VGA card. But I told him what It was going to power and everything. He said a P200Mmx is fine. I thought it would too Becuase he uses a AMD K5 which takes up more power so he probably graded it from there. All I know Is I am gonna get one soon. He will send it to Kuwait for 3 $ which is amazing


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                I had a video card in it when I set it up, but took it out when I added the DC power supply, so I can't say for sure. I use a Matrix-Orbital display to see what's playing...