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VIA onboard video overlay settings

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  • VIA onboard video overlay settings

    So I finally found out that by adjusting the overlay settings you can get video playback to be brighter. Problem is when I try to adjust them on my VIA MII it says that I can't because either I don't have a video playing or something else kinda weird (I forget what it said) even when I tried with a bunch of different videos playing.

    I did however see that it said something about "there might not be enough video memory". When I installed my system I do remember lowering the on-board video memory size, I think from 64meg to 32meg. Could this be my problem? Has anyone else adjusted the overlay settings on the VIA video without any problems?

    99 VW GTI VR6 SC
    -The GTI-PC-

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    overlay only works when your playing a video at the same time. try that. else you could adjust the settings in the other section, forgot the name. its another tab on the same screen.

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      Right I understand that it only works while a video is playing. I tried it with a vidoe playing. I even tried different video formats and I still was not allowed to change it. I just want to be able to get the video playback to default a little more saturated and brighter. I'll try again tonight, I only messed with it a little be in my parking spot at work this morning. I've only had the system in the car for a week so I'm still fiddling with it.
      99 VW GTI VR6 SC
      -The GTI-PC-