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  • Sound?

    Is there anotherway to put sound into your speakers, without having a head that supports it. I want to find a good quality way. my last choice is to get another amp and more speakres. Ill end up with like 4 amps.

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    Heaps of ways, what do you already have?


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      I already have a subwoofer in the back and a two channel amp. I need somethin that will not degrade the sound. The prado head deck is amazing. it has CD and Tape and its really nice


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        Man, if you want quality, you're just gonna have to go with a new head deck.. the only other solution would be to get another amp, which would cost you almost as much.. and would suck in comparison.. you can get pioneer DEH-2000's and the AUX box for around $200US.. and you can have it all in a nice neat unit.. its a much better way of going..


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          If U use the Pioneer aux unit U need a head unit in the P serie.
          Cheapest then is DEHP-3000.


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            IMHO, The aux box method works great for this. I have a DEHP-8000 in my dash with the aux box, and it sounds great. I also have the steering wheel control, and I'm going to add an IR man so I can track forward-back with that... Should be cool


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              Well, A found a store that will install ALL cabling required a 4 channel AMP and 4 new speakers. So then my car system will all be powered by amps. Then Ill have 8 speakers in the car. Two tweeters (200 watt) and 6 6" speakers(200 watt) and a Subwoofer in the back.

              I really dont need a new head deck. But if any has any objection why a head deck is better than better speakers and an AMp
              feel free to critsize me. I am no expert, just figured more amps and speakers = Louder and better quality.

              ZyKlon X