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bringing the inverter inside the car

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  • bringing the inverter inside the car

    I bought wires to connect my inverter to my battery. but how do i bring the wire into the car? is there a hole where i can slide the wires through and make it come inside? i have a honda civic.

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    I don't know about Honda, but usually when installing car stereos and similar, drilling a hole is needed. Just make sure you don't drill into fuel tanks, other cables and other important stuff.


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      you dont HAVE to actually hook it up to the battery, which requires drilling holes, etc. What I did was i went to radio shack and bought "blade fuse taps." these are really neat. what you do is, you open the fuse panel that is in the cab of your car and find a fuse that powers something that only comes on when the car comes on (like the windshield wipers or your radio). this way the inverter turns off when the car does, but you can hook it up to something that stays on like your dome light.

      now you have to be very careful which side of the fuse you hook into. yank the fuse and get out the trusty ole voltmeter. turn on the car and ground the black lead. test both sides of the blade terminal in your fuse box with the red lead, and the one that gives you a reading is where you wanna stick the fuse tap.

      your fuse box goes right to the positive terminal on your battery, so no reason to drill a hole in your firewall if you dont need to. ground the inverter's negative post (mine had posts, anyway) and use that thick *** 4 gauge cable to run the positive post to that blade fuse tap.

      you might want to include an in-line 5A fuse if your inverter does not have fuses.
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        I have a '97 Honda Accord. On the driver's side the firewall has a rubber insert where many other wires go through to the interior of the car. I made a little hole using a 16p nail and pushed the power wire for the inverter right through. It only took a minute and worked perfectly.


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          I have a 91 Accord, and I know of two places to run wires through. One is under the steering column, its _really_ hard to work with because you have to contort your body in such a funky way to get to it, and the other is somewhere inside the glove box. You have to remove the glove box door to get access, its still a pain in the butt to work on. Later..