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need help on setup the LCD from timeline

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  • need help on setup the LCD from timeline

    hi all
    i need someone help me to hookup lcd that i bought from I follow the direction to setup and only the backlight is working which is obviously normal. none of the lcd working. I have 4x40 and 4x20. please help.

    I get it work finally with -5v from motherboard. the only problem i have now is that not all the line is turn on
    line1.......... turn on --------
    line2 nothing
    line3------------ turn on -------
    line4 nothing

    the 4x40 has 2 enable lines E1 and E2 but the 4x20 only have one E line. is this right
    please help

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    anyone know ?


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      not 100% sure that this is your problem but I have the same display (40x4) and i was using the plugin from inmotion for mine (i assume ure doing the same) and in the .ini file there is an option at the bottom that asks for the type of parallel port, make sure that it is an EPP (i believe). if that doesnt work, try the other options for that same setting. also check your bios and see what the parallel port is set at in their. make it an EPP and try it out. If anyone can give a definite it would help, but mines not actually even hooked up because of lack of case, but I know it does work. wish i could help more.

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