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GOOD LCD's to use with GOOD Vid Out cards?

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  • GOOD LCD's to use with GOOD Vid Out cards?

    I had a few questions for you experienced MP3Car audiophiles, on my almost complete system.

    * Anyone know of any good cheap LCD's (4" - 6") that would work well with the Vid Out on a video card.

    I'm mostly worried that the TV Out signal won't work, and will squewer the display from the computer on the LCD screen.

    * Or even better, does anyone out there know how to convert the signal on a Monitor out to TV Input, to just go from AGP > TV signal...Maybe a link with a diagram and scematics on how its done.

    I'm sure there's a cable out there that does it...(perhaps) I've already got a 4x40 character backlit LCD screen, but it's unsatisfying. It's bulky, and doesn't present what I'm hoping to use it for in the future, that being cartoons, and DVD's. I've got everything else on my MP3car ready to go. DC > DC converter, casing, hdd, and i guess having a 97' Ford Explorer limits me to using an FM modulator.

    * Also, last question =], does anyone know of any addons to the Explorer system that adds an Aux input?

    I thought i'd get all my inquiries out on one post, I appreciate all your incomming replies.
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    go to

    at the bottom of the page they have info pages ,etc. read the one for "lcd" got heaps of info and links....
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      thanks for the reply.
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