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Power Supply / Sound issue.

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  • Power Supply / Sound issue.

    I have my mp3 box built and connected to my car stereo. The current problem is that when the mp3box is connected to the car i get a nasty buzz from my speakers. However if i get an extension cord from my house and test it works (well works without a buzz the sound quality is still a little "hollow" but not bareable). Now I am trying to figure out whats wrong, I have grounded my powersupply by connecting a wire to the outside of the ps box. Here is some more info that might help someone help me :

    - The box is connected to the car sound system via the line in on my amp coming from the speaker out on my sound card.
    - I am using a triplite inverter. Could the proximity of the inverter and its input power cord's proximity to other wires have anything to do with my problem?

    I REALLY would love some help, I am going on a road trip soon and wanna have this working.

    THANKS again.

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    fsa3, you are not alone. Alot of ppl including me with my new BOX experienced such a problem. There is two things you can do.

    1) go to Radio Shack and get the ground noise filter thing ($14). There also have a battery noise filter too. I Use the ground noise and it definetle killed the noise from the engine but i still have just a tiny bit left. I think that is comming from the battery so i will have to get the battery one too to test my theory.
    2) This is where the problem is prolly. Try using proper wires in ur box. Take the box apart and make sure EVERYTHING is grounded properly. You will be supprise to find out that something isn't grounded as you thought it was.

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