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    OK I am trying to use the CD-IN on the factory head unit in my 2001 civic as the input for my mp3 player. Unfortunatly, I have not found a pre-made adapter to convert the CD-IN to a regular RCA connector, so I think i'm going to have to do it myself using this cable

    a multimeter, and a lot of hope.

    The problem is...well...I have no idea what I'm doing. From other posts in the forum, I'm assuming that there's a common ground and a wire for each speaker (RFront, LFront, etc..). I'm also assuming there's a data wire.

    So the questions abound. How do I reverse engineer the data input for the head unit? Any guesses as to the voltage or protocol? I'm hoping that I can use the parallel port to handle sending/receiving data from the head unit.

    I know there's a lot of people out there who would love to use that AUX in on their civic stereos to play mp3's. I'm hoping I can figure this out (and post it, of course) but I'm going to need some help.


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    why don't you upgrade the entire stereo to an aftermarket... the factory radio that came with my 97 civic was absolutely crappy looking... ended up wiht a JVC KD-SH77 which is well worth the $200 i paid for it =)

    You are going to have to fool the head unit into thinking that there is some sort of a cd-changer attached to it... and personally i have no idea how you are going to find that out.
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      I remember around a year back someone posted a link to a page where it explaned how different protocols work and some detailed information about them...
      Does anybody remembers this link???


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        Anyone know if the Honda 2001 v6 accord has an Aux-In on the 6cd changer (factory)?