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Power Switch & Power/HDD LED connectors

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  • Power Switch & Power/HDD LED connectors

    Hi guys,

    My car PC project is nearing completion (just need to install the stuff!), but i have come across a problem! I cannot find where to get the connector for the power switch, Power & HDD LEDs! This is included on justabout every single case, but since my case will be the glovebox, i dont have these things.

    Anyone know where to get them from? It appears they have a standard plug on the Mobo, but none of the computer stores i asked knew where to get them from!

    For reference, my Car PC consists of:
    Epia 800 Mobo
    Kingston 512MB RAM
    6GB Laptop HDD (for now)
    Panasonic Slot Load DVD/CDRW
    Morex 60W PSU w/Car kit
    Unknown Brand fold-away Composite LCD

    I'm not really interested in buying a whole case off Ebay just to rip these wires/switches/plugs out either. I just want the plugs

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    Go to your local computer shop and tell them you need the ACPI connectors.
    Or search online for "ACPI Connectors"


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      Cheers mate! I'll have a look this weekend!