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prpoer way to mount hardrive

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  • prpoer way to mount hardrive

    I am mounting a computer in the trunk, is there any special way to mount the hard drive so that it does not get damaged. Should i mount it parallel to the road or perpendicular to the road or some other angle? (There is alot of room in this case so i can mount the drive any way i want)


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    The most shock absorbing position for any device it parrallel to the source of the shocks. So, unless you are carreening around hair-poin turns on a regular basis, horizotol would be the best. I have heard of people using the shock plates made for discmen to mount the drive. Personally, I am planning on wrapping it in bubble wrap. What has everyone else done?
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      I have my laptop hard drive mounted horizontally on some large rubber grommits. Haven't had trouble in nearly a year.


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        Wait a sec ...

        I've got mine in a mini-tower on it's side, such that the hard drive is mounted vertically (on its side). I thought this was the way you were supposed to do it, such that the head can't bounce.

        I live in western NY, so hit plenty of potholes, and it's been going fine for a month now. It occasionally crashes, but (as far as I can tell) my bigger enemy has been voltage spikes/drops. For instance, turning on the turning signal or even sometimes breaking (breaklight) will (very rarely) trip it up. I'm about to head out to the car right now to pull off the dash and install a capacitor between the +/- 5V lines to the cigarette lighter and am going to see how that goes ... (keeping my fingers crossed)


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          In short time, i'm also going to mount my minitower on its side (laying) in the trunk.

          My car is lowered 40mm so the springs are pretty hard, and in some bumps the car can be just a little bit uncomfortable.

          Would you guys recomend me not to mount my minitower this way, or do you think it will work just fine?