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resolution for 4" lcd from partsexpress

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  • resolution for 4" lcd from partsexpress

    hi all
    i have 4" lcd from partsexpress. i try to hookup with my camcorder for test and it went very well. but when i try to hookup with my computer via tvout, all information is not readable. like very small and blurry
    what resolution you set for this ?

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    640x480.. The thing about the 4" LCD is that even though it is pretty clear, the TV out on a lot of cards is blurry on ANY display.. I can't even read 12pt text on my 27" television with the tv out.. if you use 20pt or higher it should be readable.. I have winamp using 22pnt with the default winamp skin (green on black) and the play list is easily read..

    A lot of video cards let you adjust the sharpness and contrast of the tvout in the settings of the display control panel...
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      Yea you have to use 640x480. Calahan, Have you tried my MP3 player made for 4" screens?

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