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Cannot get past "Verifying DMI Pool Data" post message

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  • Cannot get past "Verifying DMI Pool Data" post message

    So i decided to move my puter to the trunk, and take my failing 4200rpm laptop drive and just make it a partition on my 7200rpm 3.5" media drive. So i used a cloning machine to move the partition over, and now when the hard drive is hooked up in the car, after my EPIA M10000 board says "Verifying DMI Pool Data.... Update Success" i get a blinking DOS cursor under that and the system is frozen (no three finger salute). The bios does indeed detect the correct hard drive as well. Now this very same hard drive booted a crappy install of windows before i decided to clone the other hard drive onto this one. This was after i already moved it all to the trunk. I can boot (very slowly) from my usb2.0 cd drive and get windows to start its repair process, but when it reboots after copying the install files and (i think) setting itself as what the puter should boot up, it gives me the same garbage. I did the ol classic playing-around-with-random-bios-settings but to no avail. Just postin this to see if anyone else has run into a similar issue.

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    It's your drive, or eide controller or your cable, chech the cable first for tears or breaks. Both times this happened to me on work machines, I replaced the motherboard and the problem went away.
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      I had the same problem on my Epia 800 board. I tested all the hardware on my M10000
      board and it was good. Finally had to send my board back to Via for a replacement.
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        well i guess my primary ide controller doesnt work... screw it, the drive boots on the secondary master I'll be writing hate mail to via shortly