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    ok, who here has their car pc setup to do wireless networking?

    I had mine hard wired earlier for when the car is in the garage, however, I think the wire got damage since I can't connect to it anymore.

    Do these things actually work? What would be the average transfer speed, distance, etc?

    Anyone have any specs on it?

    (I did a search but didn't find anything too exciting )

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    Proxim has some nice ones, the Airport (Apple) looks promising. They all offer 10mps transfer speed.

    I have an Acer warplink that maxes out at 1mps...not so hot. But it is good enought to transfer files from the house to the driveway.

    There are a few others, but they are all expensive if you want speed... a hundred or so per card.

    Also the longer the distance the slower the speed. Probably the longest distance you can normally get is a 100 feet or so.

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      I use wireless in my car.

      I use the Intell Anypoint system, but it was hard to get working correctly, and its kinda touchy, I got mine to work, and its stable now... But I dont recomend the Anypoint product.

      I have used a lot of other stuff in tests,

      I IMHO - The linksys access point is going to be the cheapest, around 200 to 300.

      The cards run around 100.00 and are usually PCMCIA format, but they all offer a pcmcia adaptor for desktops.

      Range varies a lot, depends on a lot of things. from 100 to 300 feet.

      double check to make sure the access point and the card you choose are wifi or 802.11b certified. most will work together.

      I think the stuff works pretty good.

      You can check out mine (notes and pics) at

      I recomend the following equipment :

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        802.11b is what you should probably use. The spec is 11 mbit, range in doors from the base to cars is 150 meters, range out doors is 300 meters, if you had a base out doors. Apple Airport uses this, however at this point the base station is useless if you don't own a mac, as you won't be able to configure it. DLink sells a 802.11b access point for around 250 at cdw. they also have PCI, PCMCIA, and USB adapters for wireless.

        Some people I work with have the Airport at work, and it sits near the window of the building, and they got in the car and drove up and down the street with the powerbook and downloaded stuff and it worked about a block down the street.. pretty cool.
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          I've done it in my car and am quite pleased with Symphony's Proxim cards. I seem to be getting just over a megabit per second from the driveway to the office. Pretty good.

          E-mail me with questions.

          good luck


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            I know that Lucent Technologies makes a wireless 802.11b card and hub. We use that at our college and our my boss at work also got some. I dont know how much they are, but ill try to get some more info. Im about positive she got ours through
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