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ASRock motherboard (SIS 741 chipset) any good?

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  • ASRock motherboard (SIS 741 chipset) any good?

    I'm attempting to fit a motherboard and supporting hardware in the CD changer cubby located in my Jetta's trunk. There are not a lot of motherboards that fit in the space. I only managed to find two, A SIS 741 based ASRock K7S41GX and a similar Soyo model also based on the SIS. This is using local stores, I'm trying to stay local as much as possible. I just need a mobo, cables and a LCD, I have a couple athlon CPUs laying around but they don't fit.

    I haven't had any SIS boards in a very long time and never heard of ASRock. How are either of them?

    The CD changer area is 9.5"h x 12"w and 4-5 inches deep. The opening into the wheel well that the changer drops down into goes another 7" down into the car, 3" deep and 9" wide, this space is reserved for PSU and the HD since none of the motherboards I found will fit down this slot I'm using 1/4" plexiglas so that cuts about 1/2" off the width and height the mobo can be which severly limits my options.

    Does SIS still suck? I remember they did back in the classic pentium days.

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    I am not sure about ASRock, but I have the Soyo SY-K7VME. The on board sound and video is find (no skipping frames) for DVD, GPS, and Winamp/VIS at the same time, but not as good compare to nForce on board video (Asus A7N8X-VM/400 I also have). The only reason I don't like about the Soyo board is that it only have 1 COM port (I need 2 or 3). The board doesn't have (Restore on Power Loss) options which is needed if the Shutdown Controller doesn't have a "push to turn on" (Jeff/Mastero SDC doesn't have that option). "Push to turn on" can be modified with a relay, a resistor, and a capacitor. I bought the Soyo board with a combo deal for an AMD XP 2500+ 45W Mobile, and later bought an Asus board.
    The Soyo board recognize AMD mobile fine due to jumber selection of FSB. The Asus board doesn't recognize Mobile CPU (no jumber on board and no option in BIOS. I have to "pin-mod" the mobo to have it run as 2400+ which is fine.
    Soyo board required extra P4 power connection (4 pins usually found on Pentium 4 board). Without that connection, the board won't POST even the CPU fan is on. Asus board doesnt' have/require P4 connector.
    With either board and a XP 2500+ 45W mobile will run find on a 150W power supply ([email protected], [email protected]) connect to a DVD ROM ([email protected],[email protected]) and a 7200RPM HD ([email protected], [email protected]).
    I would recommended any MicroATX board with nForce2 chipset/onboard Video and if you are willing to do pin mod because NONE of the microATX/nForce2 chipset support (plug n play) AMD mobile CPU.
    I am selling the Soyo board. If you want it, 35 buck ship to your door (only if you are in US). If you are using OPUS PSU and only need 1 COM port, and the Soyo board is fine.
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