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Clarion Autopc Needs Upgrades

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  • Clarion Autopc Needs Upgrades

    somebodys gotta know something

    ok heres my thing
    i have a clarion autopc 310c and i want to upgrade it hardware and software how do i go about it?
    heres a list of my stuff...

    iasca member: rock roka
    black sapphire-2000 volvo s40 1.9 turbo 4-cyl: 2smashed2furious
    1 clarion autopc 310c w/gps mp3 dsp
    4 db drive platinum 5 midbass drivers
    4 db drive platinum 1 tweeters
    4 phillips silk dome tweeters
    4 db drive passive crossovers
    1 10.1 db drive pl10d2
    1 db drive platinum pa475
    1 jbl bp150.1 monoblock
    1 ultralinear 4ch active crossover
    1 1.0 farad digital cap by monster
    wiring: 4ga. db link/rca

    performance upgrades include:
    z1-40 hp racing module: by performance modz
    ultra-blue led lighting kit: by euroglow,
    custom-made billet aluminum 52 racing spoiler: by excelon
    1.5 lowered suspension: by bilstein
    neon trunk lighting: by euroglow
    anodized blue engine accents: by duplicolor
    black bezel headlamps w/ glass lenses: by apc
    ultra blue cornerlamps and sidemarkers: by apc

    what should i do? i want to max out the auto pc but dont know how like upgrade ram and add a hard drive or integrate it with my ipod...any ideas?

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    whoa!!!! Watch the caps, man. Why are you yelling?

    Try calling an authorized Clarion dealer or repair shop and ask them. Or try googleing for a little bit.
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      Originally posted by Defiler
      whoa!!!! Watch the caps, man. Why are you yelling?
      I fixed it
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      It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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