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2mb Buffer Hard Drive?

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  • 2mb Buffer Hard Drive?

    What are your guys thoughts on a Hard Drive with a 2mb buffer? I know obviously 8mb would be better, but for the applications that would run in a car pc, GPS, MP3, DVD. Would that 8mb make much of a difference? If I can save a buck or too on the 2mb one, I am all for it!

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    I feel that the 8mb ones are quicker when loading/resuming Windows. I've used both a 7200rpm 2mb and a 7200rpm 8mb drive, and the 8mb one is quicker.

    Plus, as the 8mb ones are newer, there are improvements over the older, 2mb ones, other than just cache size.

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      8 mb cache would probably make a slight difference in application switching, but the trasnfer rate of 8mb and 2 mb drives is the same so booting wouldn't be effected and streaming mp3, video, or DVD files wouldn't be any different.

      I don't think its worth it for a carputer. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        Depends on your setup, but on AtA/133 and faster drives I have seen major differences in reaction time of hard drive including boot times. But for a carpc setup, I would NOT consider this a factor. Despite startup time, most of the other operations you will be doing won't require a fast hard drive. If anything, look for a reliable drive thats good in cold weather if you live in a cold climate region.


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