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Temperature and Humidity!!

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  • Temperature and Humidity!!

    I live in Quebec, Canada and anyone who lives here nows that we experience the whole spectrum when it comes to weather (-25 celcius to 35 celcius). Now my question is should I be worrying about things like condensation on the cpu (its a k62 550.. gets hot) and plug-in cards? How do I go about avoiding it? Should I worry about frozen components!?

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    I live in London, Ontario. I have run my player since Jan. and never had any problems with the cold. However, I did loose my hard drive about three weeks ago. I attribute this failure to a manufacturing defect, not abuse. My drive is well suspended, and it spontaiously (sp?) crashed at a stop sign.

    Anyway, I would worry about heat more than anything else. In the summer the drive can get VERY hot in a closed car sitting out in the sun. Best to open the windows or run the A/C for a little while before you switch on the player.
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