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  • TDMA cell phone internet access

    Is it possible to use a data cable to your cell phone from carpc to use the cell phone as a modem? I don't mean the special data service... I mean just dialing up with your cell phone... 56k style... heh.

    I have a Motorola C353t TDMA with AT&T wireless.

    Something like this:

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    Yes, it is. Your carrier must support data calls, though, even if you don't use the carrier's own internet service. I use the DLR-3P serial cable with a Nokia 6120i TDMA, and I also use IrDA with a Nokia 3320 TDMA, and I am able to dial and connect to my ISP or to a 56k modem at home.

    Check with AT&T, and also make sure your phone/cable combo supports CSPD (Circuit Switched Packet Data) calls.


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      your not gonna get 56k though its very slow like 9.6k

      if you use the carriers service its a little faster t-mobile uses gprs and it gets close to 56k

      verizon is reportedly the fastest
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        Yeah, that's right. I connect to 56k modems, but the actual speed is 9600bps. I think CDMA can go up to 14400bps... But GPRS is only for GSM networks, it doesn't work on TDMA... even with the carrier service the data speed can only go to 9.6kbps.