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5400 vs. 7200 speed hard drives

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  • 5400 vs. 7200 speed hard drives

    is there much of a difference, when it comes to playing mp3s?

    how bout for the NEO 35?

    i'm looking for a 30-60 GB drive.

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      60 GB???? No overkill there hehe ... room for upwards to 18,000 songs! Only way I can think of that might come in handy is if you were on a mission to mars and it took like 5 months to get there.

      Realistically, though ... out of the 1,500 or so I have in my car right now (I have room for 3,000 but can't think of any more music to put on there), I only listen to like 200 of them. I think there's a certain point where quantity is meaningless, and starts to negate from the whole idea (say random play and you've only heard one out of every five of these songs before).


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        There is a difference in speed, but if you're concerned with heat in your computer, I would pick the slower of the two. I have a 10,000 RPM drive and I wouldn't even think about not having a fan right next to it. My friend has a 7200 and he tells me that it actually gets quite hot and he's pondering adding a junction to it, so he can cool it off with his water cooled system.


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          DaBretty: 60gigs was what i was aiming for, but now i have over 51gigs. I want as much mp3's as i can get. You never know u will will have in the car and they will NOT like any of the songs u like. With my second app, since it is visual, you can show them the menu and Group/Artists that u have and let them select the onces they want to listen to. Not to mention that i also store movies (*.avi,*asf,etc). And also u can bookmark the songs u like to what i refere to as FAVORITE list for a group/artist. Anyway to give u an idea, look at some of the pics i have on my site. I will try and add new pics since alot of things have changed.

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            Damn! 60G, I must forget about a CD-ROM! time to sell another blood litre...