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  • Cadet FM tuner Card

    Does any one have a Cadet FM tuner card ? If so what antenna do you use to get reception. I am using on from radio shack but I want a clearer signal. It has to be an antenna that hooks into a coaxal connection.

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    You can use any fm cable, all you do is get a coaxial adapter (thats what the card orignally comes with). I dont really knoe how to describe it but they used to used on TV sets to get over-the-air "cable"


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      I have a ADS Tech Cadet radio card. I just use an old tv antenna ("rabbit ears") and don't have any reception problems. I the card at home so i'm not too sure about any kind of reception problems in the car.



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        thanks I'll try it out


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          Quick question to anyone. Is there any way to plug the cadet card into the antenna in your car. I was trying to find an adapter to hook right into it for a cleaner install. Thanks.


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            if the card has coax hookup all you do is buy an extension cable for you car radio antenna ($5.00 @ radio shack) cut off the male end an put a crimp coax female end on (you can also buy this @radio shack cheap!) i havent finished building my setup yet but this worked awsomly for a friend o mine.
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