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  • for those with touch screens...

    I have a touch screen in my car but when driving down the road (yes I know it's not a good thing) I can't seem to control it.

    What do you do to control it easier? I also have a touch pad and do a lot of you use that instead?

    My hand keeps shaking so much I can't seem to control the darn thing. I'm also using Media Jukebox...maybe there is a better program out there for touch screen users?

    Otherwise, everything else seems OK. I think it's kinda pointless to have a carpc and not even be able to control it unless being parked.

    Any ideas? I heard some are trying out voice control...might be an open option for me.

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    Try using larger icons or fonts... most programs aren't designed for touchscreens, but rather they are made for use with a mouse which offers steady, precise positioning.

    With larger targets your finger can move without hitting other controls drawn on the screen...

    I have been working on a touchscreen-based app for a company for nearly 2 years now, so I know about programming for touchscreens -- you just need to make everything bigger and, if possible, space things out a little more than in a traditional app.
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      get one of thouse x-10 rf remotes im getting one full dvd,mp3,and mouse control from up to 150 feet away.
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        In my case I am using a skin for SoundJam which takes up the entire 640x480 screen (thanks to Matt Hine). It has made the touchscreen much more useful and safe to use while driving. Here is a picture:

        The EQ actually sits on top of the player when in use, since the player takes all of the screen. I just toggle it on/off when I need it. As for the playlist - I suggest voice control - thats what i'm working on at the moment. Most of us have LOTS of MP3s (thats the idea, right?) so scrolling and looking for a particular MP3 isn't a safe thing to do while driving. To simply say the track name or artist would be best, or even being able to "type" with your voice might work. I have described my goals with speech recognition in more detail on my software page.

        Yours is PC, not Mac - so the skin might not do you any good - but it is available for download on my site.

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          Wow, strange seeing my soundjam skin randomly brought up in a thread I'm reading.

          I do know that the soundjam skin converter knows how to compile winamp skins too so maybe the setup is similar between the two - I'm not sure. If any of you winamp users manage to convert my skin to winamp, I'd really appreciate a copy. (my email is listed in my profile)



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            I don't believe the skin would work for the current version on Winamp, since Winamp only allows "painting" of its stationary skin. Perhaps the new version of Winamp, when it is released, will allow the use of true skins. Dont worry PC users, you'll catch up someday ...


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              1 - Remove passenger seat
              2 - Insert 21" monitor w/touchscreen overlay
              3 - Set resolution to 640x480
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                  I've decided to make it actuate out of the dash so the screen will come out closer. That's the best thing I can think of right now.



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                    ok this is not the best plug-in and but if u want something for your touchscreens and u are using winamp... got to the winamp website
                    and search the plug-ins for WINAMP on TV.

                    it is only a beta version of the plug in
                    but it is full screen with large enuff buttons (it is kinda ugly you might want to redo the back ground). but it will help