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Best remote DVD drive option

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  • Best remote DVD drive option

    I am going to put my carputer in the trunk and have a DVD drive up front. So bascailly I have three options:

    1. Get a external USB DVD drive

    2. Get a slimline laptop DVD drive with a slimline drive enclousure with USB

    3. Get a desktop size DVD drive and a IDE to USB convertor

    Size won't be a big factor since I am going to build the DVD drive into the custom center console and the power is coming from a 150watt OPUS.

    Which option will be a better choice ?

    Also, will a slotload drive be better ?

    Much help needed !!
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    Take a look at this thread I started...


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      take a look at the Storix DVD/CD-R drive on
      Aura MR62 (F and R)
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