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Effect of extreme cold on hardware?

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  • Effect of extreme cold on hardware?

    I am thinking about installing a computer in my truck but there is one thing I am conserned about- I live in Alaska and the temp can drop to -30F.

    Since we have winter 8 months out of the year I am worried about the damage that may result. Does anyone here have any experience as far as the effect of extreme cold on the typical car computer?

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    I think it'll have the biggest effect on the hard drive.


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      itll be good on the processor and mobo, maybe not on the hdd and cdrom or lcd.


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        well, storing at extreme cold should not affect anything.

        But you'll have to wait a little before opening your LCD and your HDD. I think you alreayd knwo that digital displays are frozen when you start your car after a cold night, even the cd won'T play before the unit get's hotter.

        The fastest IMO would be to have either a computer that you can easily remove (like in a briefcase with one single plug for your wires) and to remove it at night. If not, at least remove the Hard Drive and wait until the car gets hotter bofore starting the carputer.

        But that's not hands on experience. I plan on putting a carputer and I live in Quebec, where it's cold, but not 8 months a year.



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          I live in Wisconsin. Not a problem.