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this looks neat but what is it?

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  • this looks neat but what is it?

    well i found this on ebay a while ago and was just wondering what it was and how it worked any takes?

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    Its pretty much a computer on a board. or SBC.

    It has everything it needs on the board, external connectors for I/O. VGA, Etc.

    You really just need a power supply. Expansion is kinda hard. you need a backplane or riser card.

    But they are pretty much just tiny pc's.

    Check out for details.
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      That's the auction I won.

      Yeah, it's a tiny little computer. Everything you need (ports, controllers, LAN, etc). Expansion is a bit of a *****, but there's a PC/104 socket on it, plus I'm pretty sure there are a couple of USB ports (there's a header for them, but none of the documentation has mentioned it, so I'm not entirely sure). If there is indeed USB support, I'll probably stick a USB sound adaptor on it, if not, then I'll either get an <a href="">lp3</a> or rig up a DAC on the parallel port. Anyway, it's a pretty hot little board. I found it elsewhere for ~$400 (with a CPU), so $20 is a good price by me.


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        very sweet looking and very small. I'm wondering what kinda CPU it uses?
        On the below page it says a "NS Geode Low Power CPU" whats that?

        where else are these availible for sale?

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          It takes a Socket 7 CPU, up to 233mhz, apparently. I'm not sure if it uses a low-power CPU or not (I'm not sure what normal CPUs take--this has jumpers for 1.8-3.4 volts). I think the Geode is a Cyrix chip. Someone was discussing that under another topic, if I'm not mistaken.

          eBay, of course, is a good place to look for stuff. Other than that, I really don't know. I got the price for that board from a place in the UK, and I don't even remember the name of the site.


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            Yes...I linked to info on the Cyrix->Geode connection in this topic: