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Power Supply Electromagnet + hard drive = :X ?

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  • Power Supply Electromagnet + hard drive = :X ?

    When mounting stuff in my case, I realized that the hard drive and uncovered PSU are going to be right next to each other. Is it possible for the coils in the PSU to zap the hard drive?

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    I wouldnt worry

    I wouldnt worry so much about magnetism messing with the drive. The short answer is that those coils are chokes and wont have enough juice flowing through them to create any sizeable field. What I would worry about is

    1. Heat. Those two devices right on top of each other are gonna generate some serious warmth. Make sure you have a fan blowing that heat away from there
    2. Shorts. Make REAL sure that your drive is mounted very solidly and isn't going to jiggle its way onto the coils, or any other part of the power supply.
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      A simple permanent magnet is not going to damage your hardrive. Inside the hardrive itself is a extremely powerful neodymium magnet sitting no more than a few cm from the platters.

      To even mess with the magnetic patterns on the platters would require a strong ALTERNATING magnetic field. Something like a TV tube degausser coil may do the trick, but your PSU definately will not do anything.