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M10000 in a glovebox

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  • M10000 in a glovebox

    Finally have all the parts needed and I am now going to assemble it in a DIY Plexi case. With the MB, 512mg ram, slim 80gb hard drive,slim DVD drive and OPUS 90 how bad will the heat get in the enclosure.The case will be put in a glove box.How many and what size fan(s) should I budget for.

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    I am thinking about doing this after my exams to replace my xbox setup.

    I was going to use TWO fans to breath the glove box, ie. one intake, and one exhaust ..

    But concerned how loud the fans will be?

    2k3 Max SE 6spd
    Temp setup:
    7" indash screen/Xbox running XBMC
    Carputer coming soon
    My 2003 Maxima


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      you maybe able to port from the blower case (before heater core) and use the blower fan to push air into your glove box. just make sure the exhust opening in your glove box is large enough and you use some sort of a filter.