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Problems with EBAy kiosk and hard drive?

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  • Problems with EBAy kiosk and hard drive?

    I dont' know if I am the only one, but for some reason I am having troubles. First I upgraded the kiosk to the 1.3 ghz celeron with the 5 gig hard drive that came with it. Everything worked fine. Then I upgraded to a 120 gig hard drive, and put it back in the car. Booted up, worked great, shut down. Went to the store, came home, booted up again (both times I wasn't driving) it said that it failed to read system/system32 folder. The drive wouldn't even format after this. So I sent it back, got a new one two days ago. Everything went fine for a while, then I started to get physical memory dumps (blue screen) and then about on the 5th bootup, it said "a read disk error occured. please use control alt delete to reboot."

    Whats going on here?

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    Maybe the motherboard doesn't support a hard drive that large.
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      maybe your cables are f*ed-up. try replacing the ide cables.


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        Replaced the IDE cables, and I still get the problem. If the motherboard doesn't support large hard drives, why would it have worked in the first place.

        Tonight I am trying to fix this, and it's bogus. The old 5 gig hard drive with both the dvd and it on cable select will not even recognize the hard drive. The new hard drive both on cable select, will boot up, but not install xp. It's the most goofed up thing, ever. ever. ever. ever.


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          try to use the orignal drive and use a usb drive for the rest of your media. this mybe you only way if it does not suport larger then 8gb drives. also will be easer to transfer media from home pc to car pc.


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            Well, just might have to do that. I hooked the 5 gigger back up, and it's working fine again. I just don't see why the big hard drive would succesfully work twice, then for no reason, fail. I guess the best I can hope for is to send this back, get a new one, sell it on ebay, yada yada yada, and buy an external.


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              my 20 gig works fine, and ive connected a 100 gig, all worked well. there must be other reasons why the hdd failed. possibly corrupt xp instal disc? underpowered hdd? midgets?