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Recommendations for fast M10000 boot up?

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  • Recommendations for fast M10000 boot up?

    Using Windows SP1...currently running 512MB RAM with a 40GB 4500RPM Laptop drive.

    Any way to cut my bootup time down? It's at about 45 secs from ignition to usability....

    Willing to do a fresh reinstall. Just can't figure out what else to turn off in the BIOS (already turned off LAN).

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    ever consider hibernation?


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      the lilliput usb touchscreen gives me tons of hibernation in...not being able to come back from hibernation...can't figure that one out either.


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        Turn off all the unneccessary built in components on MB (like soundcard, parallel port, etc...) Disable autochecking for IDE drives, memory checking, etc...

        In XP, disable all the unnecessary services. There was article posted somewhere here which does a good job explaining which services to stop. Search for optimize xp.


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          Did you replace explorer.exe as your startup app? If you have a custom media center app you're always launching, consider running that as your "shell" instead. But yes, hibernation is faster, or standby if you have a backup battery you can use to keep the machine sleeping while your car is off. If you'll be parked for a long time, you can config Windows to standby first (which requires some minimal battery power), then wake up and hibernate (resting in hibernation state takes no power) after a fixed amount of time - say 8 hours.

          I recall some posts from a 16-yr. old from Seattle (sorry dude - forgot your name) who was posting about this. Maybe you can find his post to see what he's done.


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            Black Viper has a rundown of every service, what it does, which you can kill for better performance, etc. He also has a guide to installing Windows XP cleanly without any of the extra junk and removing unneccessary programs/services.
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              Get new drivers for your lilliput (search here), I did that and now I hibernate with no problems. New touchscreen drivers rule.
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