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6.4 " non working screen

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  • 6.4 " non working screen

    so the people like me that ordered the 6.4" screen from mpja ,we have to do somenthing , I sent some emals to companies that sells a compatible lcd controller of this screen , I also think that the touchscreen itīs usefull
    and we can get it work , so I will make a topic for the touscreen an also we can use the card thatīs included in the case to get work another screen or use the case to protect a new screen with the touchscreen working , just try to donīt give up and donīt dump the screen plz
    Thank you
    Sergio Prado Ch.

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    Don't worry dude, it'll work. And try and keep the discussion in the right topic, we're going for a record here. Tommorow is another Monday.


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      I think everyone bought this screen with the possibility of it being a dead-end purchase being in the back of the mind. It was a calculated gamble, for myself included. Lifter has already given us the pinout for the serial controlled touchscreen, as well as a link to a compatable $200.00 vga to lcd interface card, that is comparably cheap. More solutions will come - with time, possibly. Trust me, lifter's investigational abilities around this screen are impressive, and he has come up with more info for the screen and about the screen than i personally thought would be out there.

      I am closing this topic, as it is better to keep all info contained to the one ongoing topic forum regarding this screen. There is less chance of information getting scattered that way.

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