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ATI 9600 AIW vs ATI9600xt 256

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  • ATI 9600 AIW vs ATI9600xt 256

    from yalls knowledge and experience what would be better for playing and storing highquality dvds and for gaming. dont really car about the tv tuner will also be hooking up an xbox to it and wasnt sure if the AIW had a setup that would allow that and the XT didnt. thanks for the help.

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    First off if you want to hook your XBox up with these two options the AIW is the one you want because the 9600XT does not have composite or s-video inputs. It usually only has DVI, VGA, and S-VIDEO outputs. The AIW has a little dongle that allows for a full composite and s-vid connection.

    Secondly they both will be good for gaming or MPEG2 playback. You won't have any problems what so ever unless you want to use all the available technolgy coming out for todays games. Then you might consider a 9800 especially since prices are coming down. I would'nt think that was worth it for a car computer though.

    Also keep in mind the AIWs use software encoding which means more cpu use and crappy quality. Look into the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR250. It uses hardware decoding which gives great quality and hardly any cpu ussage. However the AIW will probably be good enough and alot cheaper then a vid card and tuner.
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      would the xt be beter for dvd playback? if so can a get a monitor with the rca hookoups to run a direct route from the xbox?


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        They would both be the same since they are essentially the same card. So if this is the case I strongly suggest the XT over the AIW.
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          Don't mean to hi-jack this thread but, krypt2nite, I have an ATI 7500 AIW PCI running on an Epia Nehemia 1000. Is this why it runs like crap/choppy and can't multitask ie. run GPS & play a DVD at the same time (97% CPU usage)? Could you please also comment on this thread; DVD playback problems ?
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