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Making LONG RCA cables for interior walls?

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  • Making LONG RCA cables for interior walls?

    I'm wiring my living room with some RCA cabling (I think). I am going to be running about 50 feet of right channel, 50 feet of left, and 50 feet of Video. And this is basically for my PS2 so I can just put it under the couch. (rather than having it dragged accross the room) After doing some searching I found THIS site that talks about making RCA cabling from CAT5. I wanted to know your opinions?
    If this is a horrible idea, what are some other options?


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    I dont know much about the quality of this but check this out
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      our church uses like a 100 foot video RCA cable, so I don't think that'll be a problem. As far as audio goes... cat 5 would probably work, it's been done. From what I understand, which is contrary to the myth, it's not sheilded in anyway, so you might run into issues, but other people say it sounds just as good, if not better. I say, what the heck, cat 5 isn't that expensive anymore.
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        I think you can buy that length. I am sure I have purchased 30 foot RCAs
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        Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

        Read the FAQ!


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          Take a look at the gauge wires in RCAs compared to CAT5. The thinner the wire, the less signal you will be able to push through it.

          Here's my first link from a Google search for "50 foot RCA" and I came up with this:

          You can find 2RCA, 3RCA, 5RCA (component), 2RCA with S-Video. Look for something that is Male-to-Female so you won't need any couplers.

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            did the shorter lenth of cable about 30ft. imo dont use cat 5. goto home dopot gat a roll of three wire lamp cord. use two leads for your rca and the third put an eyelet on and ground the eyelet to the chassie of your imput device ( tuner,amp,ect)
            NOT THE PC.
            keep all audio cables at least 8 inches apart and 12 inches for the video.
            if you can try to use optical for your audio
            also at those lenthes you may also need a distrubition amp, get a adjustable with discret chanels, so you dont over drive the video when try to get audio level proper.


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              y not jst buy rca wire in a roll? then put some connecters on each end........
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                search. there was a very very long discussion about the use of cat5 cables for audio.

                I wouldn't do it. Others have done it and think its fine.
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                  If anyone is interested...this is what I did with about 60 feet of CAT5, I got left and right audio and 1 video line from it and it looks and sounds great! (through my PS2) Man SOCOM is SO GREAT!