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Any1 have probs with Quantum lct15?

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  • Any1 have probs with Quantum lct15?

    I bought a Quantum Fireball lct15 (newer than lct10) 7.5 gig from and It worked for about a week (5 days) then I lost ALL of my mp3s (2 days straight of ripping CDs!! ARGH!) because it wouldn't power up anymore. Its not a bios problem, or a IDE problem, but a power problem... a problem that it won't power up or spin the drives or light the LEDs and I returned it to dirtcheapdrives (no questions asked) and I'm waiting for the next shipment to appear.
    Anyone else have problems?
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    Sounds like a defect that could happen with any brand. They pump those things outta Malaysia so fast that I'm sure quite a few slip past the inspections. I have two Quantum Fireballs and they work great.


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      I'm using a 10 GB LCT10 and it's worked quite well ...

      Only problem I'm having a bit (and I'm quite sure it's unrelated to the hard drive) is occasional crashing of the thing (especially hot days on medium+ sized bumps), but I believe it to be an electrical problem, as I get the same problem just randomly while shifting (change in RPMs = slight change in alternator output).

      I have not done any scans for bad clusters yet, and have had the thing running for about a month now, so I'll probably do that pretty soon though.