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Soundcard to amp cable. Cost = quality?

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  • Soundcard to amp cable. Cost = quality?

    Hi there,

    I can buy an el cheapo 3.5mm jack to RCA 'gold plated' cable 1.2m non shielded for like 3 ($8) each or some Monster Cable icable which is shielded, balanced bla blabla for like 12 ($20) and i need 3 of them. The run is short form pc to amp but i dont want to loose quality. I know bit runs down car u need nice cables but does it really matter. What does everyone else use?



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    There is a difference between these cables!!! You would surely notice it with longer ones, but if you can afford them get them!!!

    You get what you pay for!!! REMEMBER this!!!


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      I spent 28 dollars a pop on my RCA cable. 6 of them less than 1 meter long to go from my surround sound controller to my 6 channel amp. Pheonix Gold.

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        Makes no difference at all.
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          I would have to disagree. Not to start another Capacitor vs Tank battery war but just on the fact that saying that it makes NO difference is false.

          Its like saying that your stock spark plug cables are just the same as some high performance racing spark plug wires. Which is completly false. High performance wires can add up to 5 -10 hp gains proved on a dyno.

          I bet you if you hooked up an oscilascope to the RCA's it would show you a difference. Especially when you start adding shielding and whatnot. then it really can make a difference. You ever end up with alternator whine in your vehicle? Those who have know what i am talking about.
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            For the very minor difference in price ($36 total) I would just go the high-end route. Why spend so much money on a carputer only to skimp on one of the weakest potential links?


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              **economy****** that, its has been probably argued many times on this board, but look at it gold and silver are up there on the conductivity on the periodic table. It makes no difference on these facts. We arent driving that of important signal through these cables to make to difference, only matters for like nasa and what not. Anyways, they just sell these cables for people of have the money, if people think they are getting the best they will spend the money, monster is making money off this, they will show really stupid graphs on the backs of the boxs that means nothing. its all about economy and providing more products to sell. Any one knowtice how radio shack doesnt offer "low end" cables anymore?


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                "No Cable can improve the sound-quality of a system, they only make it worse in varying degrees."

                These cables by "Transparent Cables" can reach $2400 per 8 foot section. Quality matters...but what are you willing to pay. The quote says it all...if the source is so-so...the end result cannot be better! For a car pc....keep it cheap. If your an audiophile, I doubt you will be using a carputer anyway!
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                  Yea, the audio from your carputer probably wont be any 'better' with those super expensive cables...

                  THe price difference isnt worth it, they might be slightly better... but not worth as much as they are sold for.... personally i would just get the cheap ones...

                  If u are incountering (sp?) interference its most likely from the psu or other parts of teh computer
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                    looks like a caused some ****. . . . lol

                    Well ive just got an audigy 2 zx s0 it should sound wicked, but yes the worse to varying degrees is very true. The diffrence is quite big for price, its either 53 or 8.50!!! ummmm

                    there are cheaper options in between but the connectors are too big (the moulded plug bit) and so thus dont fit in the soundcard as the holes are close together


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                      If your an audiophile, I doubt you will be using a carputer anyway! [/QUOTE]

                      I don't know where you get that from
                      But a car pc given the right soundcard sounds better than any headunit around!
                      Even if you use a audigy 2 64bit sound at 48khz is far more superior to any
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                      Thats a fact Its all in the setup,Ive won 1st and 2nd S.Q.L ever since I put my carputer in.
                      Look it up!

                      Oh and the cabe does matter only after 3ft or so.Twisted sheild is the best.
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                        The "Monster" cables will make absolutely no difference. Monster is overpriced for what it is (nothing special)

                        Higher quality, non-monster cables (of the same price) might make it a bit better.

                        However, unless the rest of your audio components (amp, speakers etc) are from Kef, Linn, Nakimichi, or other high-quality audio brands (and no, I'm not talking about Alpine, Audiobahn or Infinity etc), then you won't notice any difference with just the cable.

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                          Small differences

                          Anyone who wonders should buy a dirt cheap cable and a more expensive one and test for themselves.

                          Most likely you won't hear any difference at all. At least that's my experience.

                          Cables make a difference when frequencies are high (microwaves), but audio is extremely low frequency. A properly shielded cheap cable will be just fine.

                          If you decide to buy an expensive one, do it for the looks, not the sound. :-)

                          I also agree with the previous post, Monster is just a fancy looking version of the normal cable with a high price.
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                            cables can matter in the noisy car environment

                            but either way, go with a high-quality cable for cheap

                            i've always gotten all my cables/amp kits/etc at (caraudioforum members highly recommend them)

                            they are beautiful blue/silver and they are very nicely priced

                            i'm thinking like $7 for a long rca cable that'll go from hu to trunk

                            they are very high quality


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                              Car environment has lots of noise sources...

                              A car environment has tons of electronic noise sources. Ground issues, alternator issues, electrical and magnetic interference sources and non-shielded leaky wires all over the car.... Then enclose the environment in metal skin..... YOU NEED shielded wires. Pay to play.