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  • Some tips please...

    Hi, I've always had an idea about putting mp3s in my car. Then a week ago a came across I was surprised to see how many people actually have done it.

    Anyways... I've been planning and thinking about what I want to do. So I came up with a setup and I was just wondering what you guys (the experts) think about it. Please take the time to read this so you can help me out.

    Im gonna use my old computer, pentium 200Mhz with 16 Megs RAM, 4 Gig hardrive. I want to use windows because I also want to get a 6" lcd screen. Does anyone know how long it takes for windows to boot up?? Also, does anyone know where I could get a 6" lcd (5,6,7 inch). Also, somewhere i saw someone who had a remote and they installed the receiver in the dash (I know it was the IRman because it just would'nt work). What else would I need, any tips?? Please reply...

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    All of your questions are answered in previous post. Try the search page. Type in "Windows boot" without qoutes, you'll find plenty to read over. "6 LCD" same thing.
    Also check out the webring, lots of installs.


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      go to and there will be a variety of "clean" (already have powersource and casing ect...) LCDs with a range from 4-7inches. You will need a scan converter to hook ur comp up to screen. Windows takes a LONG time to boot up like 1.40-2.40 min. Im thinking of using suspend mode. You will also need a Power inverter to hook uop to ciderette lighter or a DC-DC converter. a touchpad and Keypad are nice. If u had a keypad you wouldn't really need a remote.



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        I'm running a P133 with 16megs using Win98lite (HeY! no laughing) boots time is down to 60sec. 98lite helped cut the time(, as well as running WinAmp as the shell (theres a thread or two about that. As for remotes perhaps check this -->

        over my head but maybe not yours :0)
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          I am responding to this because my mp3er is close to yours. 233mmx,32ram,6gighd,yamaha sound,trident 4meg w\tv out. Using a scott kincaid dc-dc power supply. 6" lcd eio.
          The boot time w\Win98 is 1.5min could be better with some adjustments. I still use a mouse and keyboard cause I have not been able to get the x-10 or a keypad to work.
          may have to go with the IRman.

          SexyCompGeek makes a good point w\the serch page etc..

          All I have learned comes for here and the webring.