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XBOX, Carputer, power Question! ELECTRIC GURUS HELP!

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  • XBOX, Carputer, power Question! ELECTRIC GURUS HELP!

    Hey I was thinking about hooking my XBOX and/or computer into my TL. Everything would be in the trunk. Ok here goes the question, Should I have a direct line from my battery to an inverter and hook everything there? Or is it possible to hook the Inverter to an empty location in the fuse box? I know theres 2 open but anybody know if this would work? Im thinking about a nice 400W inverter. I need to convert from 12V DC to 120V AC (for my XBOX). My AV Switcher is currently powered via tapping into some current power source right now I think. Havent checked because its under all this fabrication that makes it look stock. Anywho Im short of money so I am trying this installation myself. i know how to install amps and Subs etc so this should be similar. I just dont know if this is too much power etc. I was thinkin about another way and didnt know if it was feasible, but someone tell me if this would work: hooking up power from the battery via through the firewall, into a distribution block in my trunk and hooking up things via DC connection (No XBOX this mothod because XBOX only accepts AC)? No idea if this will work. I know if I do the computer it wil have an OPUS 150W DC-DC power supply. Also, If I get the invertor, I want this to be permanent in the form of not hooked up to a cigarette outlet. I want it to be directly ready to go once the ignition is on or in the II position. Any electronic/electric gurus out there, please help! Please tell me what I need. So far I got: an invertor, power cables, terminal rings, electric tape, and some tools. Maybe fuses/fuseholders? What else will/do I need? thanks!

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    XBOX draws verry little power. - You can get a smaller inverter. I dont have an xbox, but I think a 90 watt will do fine. check the specs on the xbox for power requirements.

    The best way to power the inverter is to run a line from the batery w/ a fuse to a switch, and then into the trunk - you only need to do this with the hot or + lead. the ground or - lead will go from the inverter to any space of bear metal on the car body.
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      What kind of switch? Like a relay? I have a space on the dash for any accessories such as a switch or button. im thinkin about putting the "switch" there. Is that what would turn the invertor on/of?


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          yes a switch switch as in on/off

          and take a wood tooth pick. JAM it into your xbox's power button and this way when it gets power it boot sup

          its crude but it works. im running the buttont o my dash but i know a lot more about electronics. and i know pretty much everything about xbox's hehe


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            Hey guy,

            I have an Xbox modified and setup in my 2k3 maxima.

            here is the weblink


            Here is what i did, if you use the invertor, you will have to manually switch it on and off each time you turn of the xbox. If you use the cigerette lighter, when you start your car, your xbox will die.

            I have the PERFECT solution for this, and my invertor and xbox is automated.

            Right now the way it works, is my invertor is turned on by the ignition, but it also stays on during start, but with the key off, it shuts down the invertor.

            How is this done? OKay, you have two + wires from your key, one is accessory, ignition on, etc, the other stays positive during crank. You need to add a diode on each line and run the wires to the trunk. From there you tie the two wires together and run it to a relay (diodes is to prevent feedback). The relay inturn will switch your invertor on and off (leave the invertor on the on position).

            I leave my xbox in the trunk and i never go back there EVER. What i did was use a USB cable hacked and run it from the trunk to the dash. The wiring is straight forward. You need to open your xbox up, there is a tutorial at on hacking the power switch to a controller, but instead you are just adding a 2nd power switch. The rest of the wires in the controller i used to supply an IR port to the front dash and control my xbox via my 2k3 Maxima's steering wheel interface or the DVD remote.

            See my website.

            Any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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            Temp setup:
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